Winter Sleep

Winter Sleep

Winter Sleep Checking in at 196 minutes. Turkish expert Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s most recent is presumably not a film to twofold bill with Interstellar. At any rate, not on the off chance that you have plans for the remainder of the week – however it compensates crowds’ understanding with a faultlessly created character piece. Winter Sleep follows the heartfelt ensnarements of a hotelier (Haluk Bilginer) high in the mountains of southern Europe. In the event that that makes it sound like Grand Budapest Hotel 2, this is a genuine leaning, chatty piece of work with a bombastic, self-included hero named “self centered, resentful and critical” by his own significant other. Watch and wonder as Ceylan’s film flattens all that grandiloquence like air from a tire.

Maps To The Stars

Maps to the Stars (2014) - IMDb

If you just saw one film in which Julianne Moore spends a whole scene on the loo this year – and there truly was just one, since they didn’t go to the loo in The Hunger Games – Maps To The Stars must be it. Moore’s full force, unobtrusiveness be-doomed execution as a quick blurring star was our age’s Norma Desmond, the best thing in David Cronenberg’s most keen film since Eastern Promises. By all accounts, it got down to business as a Hollywood parody along these lines as The Player or Sunset Boulevard, however the Canadian auteur was substantially more keen on disentangling minds than Tinseltown powerplay. Company, this unquestionably ain’t.

The Two Faces Of January

The Two Faces of January movie review (2014) | Roger Ebert

Hossein Amini has written a couple of artistic variations in his time. Including a couple of fiercely differentiating jewels (Drive and The Wings Of The Dove). And his first cut at coordinating his own material can stand gladly in a similar organization. The bequest of Patricia Highsmith doesn’t depend the creator’s works to simply anyone. Yet the man they call ‘Hoss’ supported the confidence with a richly traditional interpretation of her 1964 spine chiller onto the big screen. Where it transported crowds back to the overlaid period of Plein Soleil and Le Mépris. Viggo Mortensen’s American-with-a-secret Chester MacFarland is Don Draper, just a little sweatier and less cocksure. While his co-stars, Kirsten Dunst and Oscar Isaac, carry portentous science to this knotty three-hander. The eyeball-wowing Greek sceneries made you wish there was an EasyJet flight direct to mid ’60s Athens. ดูหนัง hd


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