Building a house of energy-efficient homes Popular to make large windows around the house.



Building a house of energy-efficient homes It is popular to make large windows around the house. The house fence should be open and airy.

The house fence should be open and airy.

The material and style of the fences are important. The best way is to be transparent to let the air flow. And should not be made from heat-retaining materials such as brick or reinforced concrete

Do not build a concrete patio in the house.

Do not build a concrete patio in a sunny direction. Because concrete is a material that retains heat during the day And will transfer heat to the house at night If possible, use other materials instead of condensing.

Build the house in the right direction

In our country The west and south are influenced by intense sunlight for 8-9 months per year. Because the angle of the sunlight shines is a low angle that easily enters the building Therefore, construction of houses facing such two directions should be avoided. And the direction of the wind should be taken into account of your decision. If you really need to build a house facing the direction of the sun, you should also build an awning to block the sun.

Planting trees in the area of ​​the house

Grass trees that can help create shade. Shading the sun that will shine on the house. And also help reduce heat as well But in planting large trees You should take a little distance from the house, as the roots can damage the structure of the house.

Laying plastic sheets in the ground floor

On the ground floor, you should cover plastic sheets on the floor structure to reduce the moisture that can evaporate from the ground and reduce the load on the air conditioner. As a result, the electricity bill is reduced accordingly.

Doors and windows should be airway.

You should position the doors and windows in a direction that is well ventilated. And don’t forget to install mosquito nets to filter dust particles that can fly into your home as well. Even your furniture should be placed with the direction of the air flow so that it does not block it. Also, the types of doors and windows are important. For example, a casement window is best able to receive air flow, but must be positioned properly or in a position that can receive air flow.

Always put insulation and vents on the roof.

Insulation prevents heat from entering the house. You should install insulation in all rooms with air conditioning and on the roof. Having a vent will help dissipate heat which is trapped under the roof. But they had to set up a net together, and the small animals went to make their nests in it too.

Separate the kitchen from the house

Cooking, especially Thai food, will generate heat in your home, from stoves, gas stoves, and ovens.ออกแบบบ้าน


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