Architect ethics you should know It is a type of regulated profession.


Ethics for architects that you should know architects are a type of regulated profession. Has its own act of control There is a committee to control the practice of architecture (KS), chaired by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Interior. Therefore, there must be a code of conduct. Etiquette defined (Which if any architect does not follow Will be judged by the Committee), which the Ministerial Regulation No. 4 (1968) announced and may be translated into simple language as follows:

1. You must work honestly. Do not leave work without a reasonable cause. And must be determined to do their work for the benefit of the “society”

2. Do not do anything that deteriorates. “Glory of the profession”

3. Do not advertise any “the practice of architect”.

4. Do not use designs that have been designed for others. Unless the original owner allowed

5. Not checking other architect works. Unless doing the duties and other architects know first

6. Do not compete for other architects work. (Not working that other architects are doing)

7. Not looking for work by reducing or competing for traditional values.

8. Do not use position or influence. Or make a commission To get a design job

9. Conceal the secrets of their customers. And do not copy other people’s designs

10.Not destroying other architects’ reputation

11. Do not eat the white pack commission or the specification fee.

12. Not a construction contractor

From the code of conduct – etiquette above …. Architects need to know what is what. As for any people who find an unruly architect It can be informed at the Ministry of Interior’s board of trust… Do not be considerate. As for how the architects are divided, how… According to the law, architects are divided into 3 floors, namely

1. Associate Architects (ending the name of the Stor. Por.) Is still considered to be a less experienced architect, able to design (sign for permission), building, industrial factory and row rooms without limits. But if it is a public building Or cultural buildings Or houses and residential buildings Can design grow no more than 1,000 square meters, but for the construction (control work) that can be done of any size and type.

2. An ordinary architect (ending his name with a place … Able to design and construct all types and sizes Without limitation But still cannot be a FSC committee (if invited by the government)

3. Qualification of an architect (ending with a place… .w.) Is considered the most experienced. Can do anything to anything like an ordinary architect And can also be a member of the SEC สถาปนิก


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