6 steps to design your own house, easy, more beautiful than you think

6 steps
6 steps

6 steps to design your own house, easy, more beautiful than you think Design your own house Architect design is essential to building a house. Architect design is essential to building a house. Skillful architect Will solve the problem of space allocation Help make our home beautiful, stylish and comfortable, in line with the lifestyle of the residents of the house. But if you want to build a small house Focus on simple living. Self-design of the house is another way that can be done. The point is to communicate with the builders on our own needs. And the easiest way to communicate in building a house That is to draw a house plan, sure enough. For today, “House Ideas” would like to introduce simple home design principles. It will focus on the allocation of space. Along with drawing a floor plan of the house by yourself To bring the said plan to the construction contractor Or may be forwarded to the architect to write standard plans In order to be further developed into a practical house plan

Land survey: before the design stage The first thing that is extremely important is a thorough study of our own plots of land. How wide is the land, how many meters, how many meters deep, which direction? Exploring this direction in order to allow us to properly plan the house Corresponding to the climate, wind and sunlight, the size of the land also tells the size and shape of the house, for example, having 40 square meters of land, but needs 200 square meters of usable space. Must provide a shortened scope according to the law (Read the short term law)

1.Define the style: choosing the style of the house This is to define the target scope to make the imagination of needs more clear. Readers may drive trips to places, stay at resorts, visit friends’ houses. Or if it is convenient, just click to visit the idea house website For example, these houses can be applied. Set the guidelines for the design of our dream home. But must reiterate that We can apply the design. But unable to copy the model Unless authorized by the landlord or owner directly Usually, the style of the house is quite diverse. Thai, Modern, Vintage, Loft, Minimal, Tropical, Or may choose a unique home from abroad, such as a Tuscan-style house, etc. All of these are not necessarily the same components. There is no need to be precise. We may combine each style. Choose a point that you like and apply it to become your own style as well. Where you meet, take a picture, keep it. Or if you like examples of house designs on the website of home ideas May save the link In case during actual use so that you can find information Choosing a good home style In addition to personal preferences The construction site is important. The house should be designed to suit. Conform or look to the place Residential communities with

2. Write down requirements: before designing something very necessary. Is demand analysis This step needs to be discussed with the whole family. How many members are there What do you want? How many bedrooms do you want? Especially basic needs such as number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.

3. Size: Once the requirements are known. Determine the size of the usable space of each room, how many meters long and how long you want it to be.Sizing for each room will help you analyze the total usable space This analysis will make the home design more clear. It also allows us to know that How many floors should we build a house to be appropriate? If there is already land, it is necessary to design it in accordance with the land. But if there is still no land Determination of the size of the usable area Will allow us to buy land according to the desired size The determination of this size can also be used to estimate the construction price as well.

4. Position and Direction: A good house plan should be designed in harmony with nature. In order to live in the house as possible as possible. Overall, it takes into account the direction of sunlight and wind direction, with sunlight shining in the west, south, rooms that need a lot of light. It is a room that needs to eliminate humidity, such as a bathroom, kitchen, washing room, as well as rooms that need sufficient light, such as bedroom, living room, study room, movie room, because if too much light can mean more heat as well.

5. Draw it: The most basic tool to draw is pencil + A4 paper, or the reader is good at using any tool. Either drawing by hand or using a computer program to help, it can be done as well. Principles of drawing a plan Draw as a 2D angle, thinking of seeing the picture from the roof of the house. This may need to understand a few basic symbols such as doors, windows and other rooms can be drawn as a square in a typical room. However, if the reader does not understand the symbol It’s not a problem Just draw and annotate with it. Enough to communicate with each other Just as this can be brought to talk to a contractor. ออกแบบบ้าน


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